About us:

Our family Wine Estate is situated in Sulzheim in Rheinhessen, surrounded by rolling hills, fertile soils and sunny vineyards. Our family has owned the winery since 1762 and it is now managed by Rupert and Ortrud Dreibus. The estate includes 18 ha of vineyards. The wines we produce from them are marketed throughout Germany and neighbouring countries. Natural cultivation, the terrain specific wine character, good selection of grape varieties, limited, quality-oriented vine pruning, and grape yield regulation, all contribute to improving the wine quality.

As a Cellar Master and Viniculture Technician, the Winemaker Rupert Dreibus places great emphasis on the careful development of the wines. He combines experience and tradition with the new findings of cellar techniques, to finally end up with high-quality wines.

Ortrud + Rupert Dreibus